Vusokoti, a financial empowerment programme, is a response to South Africa’s crisis of persistent chronic poverty. We encourage individuals to get used to putting away “something” each month and, through such discipline and determination, to attain bigger and better things. This programme supports South Africans in their decision to change their financial future. It consists of savings, education, discounts and expert business support.  The project also instils entrepreneurial thinking, by focusing on individuals’ creativity and innovative nature as key elements in addressing poverty within their community.  Most importantly, Vusokoti is about personal development and financial growth while focusing on individual and community financial skills development.

Participants are taught how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, while acquiring the critical skills (financial literacy/computer literacy) needed and the confidence to embark on income-generating initiatives. Programme implementation seeks the involvement of all stakeholders (LED officials, community leaders, social workers, youth organisations), and are conducted through workshops held at strategic places (chosen by the community). Ongoing support to the beneficiaries is provided by skilled individuals, ensuring that initiatives get off the ground, become sustainable and grow. These micro enterprises will provide a facility to the communities within which they operate, which leaves them with enormous scope, while at the same time rendering an invaluable service to community members by saving them time and travelling costs and making them less dependent on established businesses. Examples of established businesses are, catering businesses, plumbing, hairdressers, crèche owners, vegetable markets.