Project for the Financial Services Board

ESST was commissioned by the Financial Services Board in 2002 to develop and pilot the material on basic financial know-how for LSMs 1-4, 5-6 and 7-8 (budgeting, savings, borrowing, short and long-term insurance, etc.).
• Make the Most of Your Money
• Use Your Money Wisely
• Make Your Money Work for You

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and Gender Life-Skills Campaign for the National Department of Health

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and Gender Life-Skills Campaign for the National Department of Health This programme, which is conducted in rural and under-serviced areas, focuses strongly on the uptake of HIV counselling and testing, non-communicable diseases, TB screening, medical male circumcision and ante-natal care, the reduction of teen pregnancies, providing care and support to families affected and infected by HIV and/or TB, and increasing individuals’ adherence to their ARV and/or TB treatment. Developed for the National Department of Health (NDOH) as part of its massive prevention and treatment campaign, this project helped it fulfill its mission to test 15 million individuals by 2011.

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and Life-Skills Campaign for the Northern Cape

This multi-disciplinary partnership with the Department of Health, Northern Cape, incorporates a range of goals and activities, from social mobilisation campaigns and increasing the demand for HCT services at local clinics, to promoting medical circumcision, improving ante-natal care, supporting the TB tracker programme and taking care of the ill at home through our home-based care programme.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

ESST was tasked by USAID to develop a set of tools which will lead to OVC sustainability and transition plans, taking into account the South African context. The outcomes of this process included a facilitators’ guide, a participants’ workbook, a sustainability self-assessment toolkit and template, workshop PowerPoint presentations, workshop agendas, workshop reports, and a guide on the recommended follow-up actions.

Phila Mzansi: Diepsloot

This Aids programme, based on our Aids competent community methodology, aimed at putting the community of Diepsloot in a position where they can assess themselves in terms of the set criteria which characterise an Aids-competent community and have the know-how to become fully Aids-competent.

Phila Mzansi: Abaqulusi

Phila Mzansi: Abaqulusi was an HIV lifeskills programme that used our AIDS competent community model to transform behavior of youth and men with regard to sexual risk behaviours, in this way contributing to the reduction of HIV in the Abaqulusi sub-district of the Zululand District Municipality, KZN. Our teams conducted door-to-door awareness campaigns, community events, sports events, special events, stakeholder-community dialogues, and workshops.

The Reintegration of Displaced Child Victims of Xenophobic attacks

At the invitation of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), ESST was involved in various refugee sites, enabling children to be reintegrated with their families and, in some instances, repatriated.

Fading Voice Project

It is often lamented that our country has lost its moral compass. In offering a response, the programme consisted of a documentary which captured the customs still practised by elderly people (75 and older) in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, preserving invaluable information which otherwise would have been lost. The programme was a unique endeavour in more ways than one. Age-old values and customs have a direct bearing on the youth of today, while at the same time it highlighted the critical need for us, as a rainbow nation consisting of many cultures, to learn more about each other’s culture and to preserve and honour the uniqueness of our collective heritage.

Let’s Vote

ESST was very privileged to be selected as the key service provider of voter education for our first democratic elections, informing all South Africans in the language of choice about the importance of the event, what democracy entails, together with processes and procedures as they relate to the Election Day itself.

Count us In

ESST was commissioned by Statistics South Africa to conduct a national campaign to prepare people for our second census. Again, the importance of information about all South Africans to the proper governance and development of the country was explained in a practical and personal manner.

The Learning Adventure

The Learning Adventure, a primary school literacy / numeracy / thinking skills programme, was implemented in 60 of the most disadvantaged, rural schools in the district of Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape during 2014. Apart from developing literacy/ numeracy and creative problem- solving/thinking skills, it also presented learners with a stimulating learning environment in which they could acquire fluency and spontaneity in English. The programme yielded outstanding results, as expected. We received more than 2000 pages of creative work from the learners, which says much about the impact of the programme!

The Vusokoti Financial Empowerment Programme

The Vusokoti Financial Empowerment Programme Vusokoti, a financial empowerment programme, is a considered response to South Africa’s crisis of persistent chronic poverty. It is unique in the sense that it encourages individuals to get used to putting away “something” each month and, through such discipline and determination, to attain bigger and better things. Developing financial skills is essential in the pursuit of poverty alleviation. The programme will empower beneficiaries with the skills and knowledge to save and budget, to invest one’s savings and be wise about investments to create wealth. 20 mentors were engaged to mentor 100 groups consisting of 20 to 40 members each to maximize the impact on the programme. At the culmination of the project, we had engaged 408 agreed-upon beneficiaries in the programme. These 408 dedicated and motivated individuals either have initiated individual projects or worked with other members in groups. Hence, we are excited to record 127 projects in various stages of start-up.