You Too Can Make Money! How To Become An Entrepreneur

This programme is a considered initiative to fill the void in the development of entrepreneurial thinking. We use a step-by-step guide on how to start your own business accompanied by a facilitator's guide which helps guide facilitator's through the implementation process. This programme consist of the following:

  • Starting up and nurtuting of a new business
  • Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Growing your enterprise
  • Financial literacy to manage and grow your business
  • Computer Literacy
  • Skills development

Programme implementation seeks the involvement of all stakeholders (LED officials, community leaders, social workers and youth organisations) and are conducted in the communities through workshops held at strategic places chosen by the community. Ongoing support to the beneficiaries is provided by skilled individuals, ensuring their initiatives get off the ground, become sustainable and grow. 


Kupano Knitting Group - Danielskuil, Northern Cape

The group consists of four ladies between the ages of 26 and 51 years – Martha (51), Miena (47), Olyn (36) and Cynthia (26).  The ladies have a long-standing working relationship and had been working together for some years prior to working with the Vusokoti programme.  The group makes many different knitted items, from caps to scarves, jerseys and jackets and has recently started producing handmade shoes.  They currently work from the home of one of the ladies in Thlakaltlou.  They decided to formalize their working relationship and form their knitting group because they recognized their talent as a potential source of income.  One of the ladies had the following to share, ‘The reason why we decided to start their own business is simply because we could see that we can make our own stuff instead of buying it from someone else.’


Florence Jiyane - Catering Services, but Prospective Poultry Farmer - Kriel, Mpumalanga

Florence (28) plans to be a poultry farmer, and together with her 5 associates she is working towards making her dream a reality.  Currently, they operate a catering business and are using their savings to start their poultry farm.  She does want to be like other young people, who start hair salons, sewing or just catering businesses.  She also knows that farming is considered a male career path, and not many women will take on that challenge.  She just wants to be different and wants other women to follow suit.  Florence shares, ‘as a young woman in South Africa, we are pushed into things like salons, catering and that.  I see it differently; I want to be a farmer – a chicken farmer.  I can take the opportunity if it is given to me.’





Maths & Science Support Programme

Mathematics and Physical Science, subjects which are crucial to a developing nation

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