Vusokoti Financial Empowerment Programme

Vusokoti is a financial empowerment programme, which is a considered response to South Africa’s crisis of persistent and chronic poverty.  

It is unique in the sense that it encourages individuals to get used to ‘saving’ whatever meagre means they might have, each month, and through discipline and determination work towards a self-sustainable future.

The material, You Too Can Make Money! How To Become An Entrepreneur, which underpins the programme, is a step-by-step guide on the development of entrepreneurial thinking and skills and the finding of ways through which income can be generated.

As an integral part of the programme, we oversee the process of setting up micro-enterprises, guiding them to fruition. There is also a facilitators’ guide for those who would like to play a leadership role.

Presently, the programme is implemented in parts of the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, North West and the Northern Cape.  

The focus is primarily on youth and young people, from the ages of 15 to 35 years, but because of our whole-community approach, there is a strong spill-over effect into families, eventually covering communities as a whole.

Success Stories

Women with Vision Laundry Service

A local small business owner, who runs a food-truck at a local truck stop, was often approached by truck drivers who needed cost effective laundry services.  

She was unable to assist them, but when she heard about the Vusokoti programme, she approached some of its group members.  

Hence, six ladies decided that they would attempt to provide this service. 

They managed to raise R300, with which they bought detergent, pegs, washing powder, soap, and washing lines.  They set the lines at one of the members’ homes in the interim.  

In their first month, they have made R1 800 profit. Their clientele has grown, and they now offer their service to members of the community as well, but truck drivers still constitute the bulk of their clientele.

Thubelihle Crèche

One of the local experts has a passion for early child development and always dreamt of opening a crèche to service her community. 

She was inspired to revive her love for children while presenting skills training to some of the members.  

Currently, she has enrolled five children and conducts her business from her home, while hoping to expand the number of children in the New Year.



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