Menstrual Management and Sanitary Pads Distribution

ESST want to empower young women to stay in school even though they are on their menstrual cycle. Access to affordable, reliable and safe menstrual absorbents - such as sanitary pads and panties - are outside the reach of many schoolgirls living in rural communities in South Africa. Menstruation and lack of effective menstrual management have been identified as a barrier to education for girls and young women. Studies documented that millions of girls in South Africa miss at least 2-4 days of school per month because they do not have access to safe and adequate absorbents. 

Many young girls and women also report a lack of knowledge about menstruation and their menstrual cycle. This can lead to misconception and faulty perceptions on menstrual practices. This is why, providing girls and young women with menstrual absorbents would only solve half the problem. Menstrual absorbent distribution must be accompanied by continuous education and awareness on issues around menstruation and menstrual managment. 

ESST's Menstrual Empowerment Matters is about more than menstrual management. We aim to empower girls and young women to stay in school (even in college and in their jobs) through teaching them how to not only manage their menstrual cycles but also assist them with the necessities (sanitary pads and a panty pack - which we get from Subz Washable Pads and Panties) to help them through their cycle and help them stay in school even though they are on their menstrual cycle. 

Please help us today by assisting us in donations or funding to provide the young girls and women of South Africa with menstrual management and sanitary distribution. 

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