ESST History

Founded in 1986 and formally established in 1989, the Educational Support Services Trust has been rendering services in multiple fields ranging from voter education to census awareness, to poverty alleviation (through entrepreneurship development), primary health care (including HIV and AIDS and TB), human rights (women’s and children’s rights in particular), youth development, service rights, service delivery and moral regeneration.

ESST is also deeply involved in school-based work, especially at early childhood and primary school levels, and school-leaving level (maths and science in particular).

Central to our work is a well researched methodology of shared learning, shared meaning-making and shared action, based on specially designed, end-user-friendly material in the language of choice.

It is a methodology that transforms complex, abstract information into visually engaging, personified text.

Illustrations/photo-mapping are used to stimulate interest and understanding and to guide the interpretation of the content.

By depicting realistic characters in real-life situations, the material allows for an interactive and immersive learning experience, and succeeds in drawing the literate and illiterate alike into the learning process.

ESST works closely with tertiary institutions, primarily in two ways: firstly, by co-opting specialised individuals in an advisory capacity and, secondly, by conducting large-scale interventions on their behalf.



Maths & Science Support Programme

Mathematics and Physical Science, subjects which are crucial to a developing nation

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