Learning Adventure Activity Books

The Learning Adventure activity book is a 160-pager book with fun activities, drawing children in schools (Grade 1-7) spontaneously into creative, problem-solving activities.

The teachers also receives a teacher's guide on how to use the books. Each Grade has a book that contains activities specific for their age.

It is an English cum activity-based book, aimed at the holistic development of the learner (who am I, where do I come from).

It focuses on the development of literacy and numeracy within a culturally sensitive context, packed with interactive activities lending themselves to story-telling, dialogues / monologues, theatrical / dramatised representations, crafts, puzzles and competitions.

Learners are invited (and shown how) to write (indigenous) stories, poems, do drawings (linked to cultural heritage), make objects of art (crafts, etc). 

Please also have a look at our project page for our Learning Adventure Programme that was implemented at schools in the Eastern Cape.

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