HIV and General Life Skills

Our HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and General Life-Skills Campaigns are designed to mobilise communities for the uptake of services at health facilities and to provide information enabling individuals to take responsibility for their own health.  

We therefore target primary and high school learners, their parents, family members, and the community in general.  

Your donations will assist our interventions in the following areas: 

  • school health promotion sessions to increase learners’ awareness of health-related issues and how to live a healthier lifestyle; 
  • treatment defaulter tracing; 
  • treatment adherence and treatment support initiatives to boost clients’ compliance to medication; 
  • condom distribution to dedicated distribution sites to reduce HIV and STI infections in communities; 
  • the distribution of end-user-friendly educational materials to raise awareness of the various diseases; 
  • health information sessions to improve health awareness; and
  • parent-child health awareness sessions to create awareness-raising opportunities for both parents (caretakers) and their children.



Women Empowerment Programmes 2018

The programme creates a platform for disadvantaged, marginalised women and youth, including the disabled, to come together to share ideas and solutions not just with regard to income generation and related problem-solving, but also to social issues which deeply affect their communities.

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