This project focuses strongly on increasing social capital in the fields of HIV, TB, gender norms and gender violence, through targeting the communities on both an institutional and individual level. 

We therefore target primary and high school learners, their parents, family members, and the community in general.  

Our interventions include: 

  • School health promotion sessions to increase learners’  awareness of health-related issues and how to live a healthier lifestyle; 
  • Treatment defaulter tracing;  treatment adherence and treatment support initiatives to boost clients’ compliance to medication; 
  • Condom distribution to dedicated distribution sites to reduce HIV and STI infections in communities; 
  • The distribution of end-user-friendly educational materials to raise awareness of the various diseases; 
  • Health information sessions to improve health awareness; and
  • Parent-child health awareness sessions to create awareness-raising opportunities for both parents (caretakers) and their children.

Donations go towards school health promotion visits, condom and material distribution, sanitary pads distribution, social mobilization strategies, HAST information sharing sessions, psyco-social wellness support sessions and parent-child awareness sessions.



Maths & Science Support Programme

Mathematics and Physical Science, subjects which are crucial to a developing nation

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