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A training programme offered by us to teach and mentor the unemployed youth, primarily in the rural areas.

Accompanied by the programme you receive a training manual which is used during the training and can be taken home to share with family and friends.

End-users learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, while acquiring the critical skills (financial literacy/computer literacy) needed and the confidence to embark on income-generating initiatives.

Ongoing support is provided by skilled individuals in their communities, ensuring initiatives get off the ground, become sustainable and grow.




 The Learning Adventure activity book is a 160-pager book with fun activities, drawing   children in schools (Grade 1-7) spontaneously into creative, problem-solving  activities.

The teachers also receives a guide on how to use the books. Each Grade   has a book that contains activities specific for their age.

 It is an English cum activity-based book, aimed at the holistic development of the   learner (who am I, where do I come from).

It focuses on the development of literacy and numeracy within a culturally sensitive context, packed with interactive activities lending themselves to story-telling, dialogues/monologues, theatrical/dramatised representations, crafts, puzzles and competitions.

Learners are invited (and shown   how) to write (indigenous) stories, poems, do drawings (linked to cultural heritage), make objects of art (crafts, etc).

Please also have a look at our project page for our Learning Adventure Programme that was implemented at schools in the Eastern Cape.



 Our HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and General Life-Skills Campaigns are designed to   mobilise communities for the uptake of services at health facilities and to provide information enabling individuals to take responsibility for their own health.  

We therefore target primary and high school learners, their parents, family members, and the community in general.  

 Our intervention included: 

  • school health promotion sessions to increase learners’  awareness of health-related issues and how to live a healthier lifestyle; 
  • treatment defaulter tracing;  treatment adherence and treatment support initiatives to boost clients’ compliance to medication; 
  • condom distribution to dedicated distribution sites to reduce HIV and STI infections in communities; 
  • the distribution of end-user-friendly educational materials to raise awareness of the various diseases; 
  • health information sessions to improve health awareness; and
  • parent-child health awareness sessions to create awareness-raising opportunities for both parents (caretakers) and their children.



Our menstrual management and sanitary pads/panties distribution campaign seeks to bring some relieve to girls and young women in rural areas. We work in the rural areas of KZN, Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape.

Our approach is to go to schools in cooperation with departments and the private sector and offer education and distribution of condoms and sanitary pads.

This can also be taken home to their friends and families who are not able to attend school. We have contacted Subz Pads and distribute their pads and panties packs to schools together with our education campaign.

Your support is key in helping girls and young women in rural South Africa have the best start their menstrual cycle, without having to worry about having sanitary pads and be educated about their cycle. In combination with the below, we also add a diary where they can control their menstrual cycle in.

SANITARY PACK 1 1 Panty, 2 Washable Pads, 3 Sealable Bags, 1 Drawstring Bag, 1 Diary (R 250.00)

SANITARY PACK 2 - 2 Panties, 6 Washable Pads, 6 Sealable Bags, 1 Drawstring Bag, 2 Diaries (R 350.00)

SANITARY PACK 3 - 3 Panties, 9 Washable Pads, 9 Sealable Bags, 1 Drawstring Bag, 3 Diaries (R 450.00)

Subz Pads are washable pads and panties that can be re-used. The panty is made from 100% cotton, and the pads made from 5 layers of hydrophilic fabric. 


We do a wide variety of campaigns focusing on girls and young women in particular. We focus on providing communities with the necessary resources in social and individual life skills to overcome the cultural and social norms that contribute to HIV vulnerability, gender based violence, unplanned pregnancies and school drop-outs.


Fund a project

Fund a whole project to be implemented in a district. We have a variety of ongoing projects running in the Provinces. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you are interested in funding a project and we will provide you with the District and projects we are doing.

Banking details:

Account Name: The Educational Support Services Trust
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 0340 168 380
Type of Account: Cheque Account
Branch Code: 630 510

Please send proof of payment to [email protected] and indicate what your donation is for.



Women Empowerment Programmes 2018

The programme creates a platform for disadvantaged, marginalised women and youth, including the disabled, to come together to share ideas and solutions not just with regard to income generation and related problem-solving, but also to social issues which deeply affect their communities.

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