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The Educational Support Services Trust

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The Educational Support Services Trust (ESST) is a non-profit organisation (NPO number: 000294NPO), registered with the Master of the South African High Court. We target communities to participate closely in project implementation, empowering them to make the most of opportunities for positive change. We have an appreciation of the value of human life at both an individual and collective level. 

We understand that human dignity can only be restored within an environment which is supportive and sustaining, and therefore work tirelessly with communities as they strive for socio-economic independence.

Our programmes focus on the most vulnerable community members, most at-risk populations and youth, aiming to inspire and promote behaviour change and action through community mobilisation. 

We are rendering services in the following key areas:

  • Poverty Alleviation and financial literacy (Youth Development/Employment Creation) etc.         
  • Moral Regeneration (The Restoration and Reparation of Family and Community Life) etc.
  • Voter and Census Education (Elections) etc.
  • Road Safety (Pedestrian Safety) etc.
  • Health and Healthy Living (HIV, TB, Malaria, Nutrition, Clinical Depression) etc.
  • Women Empowerment (Turning Existing Skills Into Income, Social Support) etc.
  • Preserving and Protecting the Environment (Soil Erosion, Food Gardens) etc.
  • School Programmes (Literacy and Numeracy, Matriculation Support Programmes) etc.
  • Early Childhood Development (Ante-natal Care) etc.
  • Family Programmes (Domestic Violence, Child Raising, Family Planning, Maintenance and Child Support) etc.
  • Justice (The Court Is My Friend, Know Your Service Rights, Restorative Justice) etc.

ESST has a national footprint, with all its programmes/projects offered in the 11 official languages. 



Maths & Science Support Programme

Mathematics and Physical Science, subjects which are crucial to a developing nation

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