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The Educational Support Services Trust

The Educational Support Services Trust was founded as a non-profit organisation in 1986. Its key involvement is in school-based education and civic education.

Its programmes offer optimum educational growth opportunities to all learners, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

All of ESST's learning material is characterised by its end-user-friendliness, its accessibility, its ability to stimulate, and its ability to draw even those who cannot read into a spontaneous process of discussion.

The content is of a highly interactive nature, impacting on the mind and resonating with the experience of the reader.

The Educational Support Services Trust non-profit organisation (NPO number: 00294NPO), registered with the Master of the South African High Court, has been rendering services in the following key areas:

  • Poverty Alleviation and financial literacy
  • Moral Regeneration
  • Voter and Census Education
  • Road Safety
  • Health and Healthy Living
  • Women Empowerment

ESST has a national footprint, with all its programmes/projects offered in the 11 official languages. At the same time, it has been rendering services in various countries on the continent.





Fading Voices Documentary

This documentary captured the customs still practiced by elderly Zulu people in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, preserving in this way invaluable information which otherwise would have been lost.

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